My name is Edward Cisneros, but most just call me Eddie. I have a deep and ever growing passion for photography, videography, and frankly capturing moments that I can keep with me for years to come. What started out as a hobby and a tinkering, blossomed into an outright obsession upon the birth of my first child, Jonas. Like most first time parents, I didn't want to miss a single moment. With a every smile, laugh, cry and milestone Jonas would cross, I realized that these memories would not be around forever. I wanted to really preserve these moments in as a rich a way as possible. This has driven me to find the highest quality way to encapsulate moments, for my family and yours. Pictures and video are much than just a snapshot of a moment, but rather an eviction of emotion, memories and a reflection upon some of our most cherished times. That is what I aim to due with every opportunity I have to film. Over the last several years, I have had the good fortune to grow the business side of my passion, but I still bring the same hunger I had at the very beginning of this journey to every client that allows me to be apart of their special moments. I'm truly just an easy going guy, who loves his family and works extremely hard. I love capturing the most salient moments of a persons life and hopefully we get an opportunity to work together.

Eddie Cisneros


Striving for success as team, going above and beyond, producing content that matters.